Leather Care Guide

All Taramay products are made with the finest quality material available. Please note slight marks and variation in surface texture are not flaws, but simply exist as part of the nature of various leathers.

We recommend using a protective spray on suede and leather products before using them.

Scuff marks can be removed by dipping a clean cloth into water and then baking soda. Rub the area gently and then dab clean with a damp cloth.

Use an eraser to gently buff away stains on suede products. Avoid water solutions.

You may be able to reduce the appearance of stains on fabric by using a soft, clean brush to remove any excess dirt. Use a washcloth and liquid hand-soap to wash the area, then blot dry.

If your leather products get wet, let them air dry. Don't expose them to extreme heat from a hairdryer or direct sunlight, as this may cause cracks or discoloration.

Dust is a contributing factor to leather disintegrating. Before putting shoes and bags away, wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Shoe trees are great for maintaining the shape of your shoes when not worn. Alternatively, you can also used crumpled paper which helps absorb moisture from shoes, keeps the shape of bags, and is helpful in humid climates.

When not in use, store your shoes and bags in the cloth pouch provided.

Remember that the character of leather changes as it ages, but it can still look beautiful with the right care.