A Quick Note

Welcome to the new Taramay. Many of you will notice straight off that we've undergone a branding change. In many ways, this is the clearest indicator of the new Taramay - contemporary and to-the-point.

Many of you have written in to ask if we're reopening the store, the answer is that while we loved the store, our online avatar is the one that excites us more, and gives us a huge canvas to play with and express ourselves. It also gives us room to grow our product line (more on that soon!) and communicate with more of our audience. 

So yes, a lot has changed, but let's talk about what hasn't - and that's our commitment to design and quality. We've always looked at luxury differently - it's never been about how much it costs, it's about how our designs fit into your life and become part of it.

Taramay has always been about design that allows you to express your individual style, versatile pieces which are foundational to your wardrobe. Our products are designed by and for women, and they're meant to be part of every aspect of your lives - school drop-offs, breakfast meetings, spontaneous weekend breaks, girls' nights out (or in), and manoeuvring the jungle gym that is a modern woman's life.

We appreciate our customers and are grateful for every one of them. Please continue to tell us what we're doing right and what we can do better.

Nayantara xx


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