Easy and Delicious Overnight Oats

Easy and Delicious Overnight Oats

There's something magical about layering a jar with different ingredients and waking up to a wholesome, fulfilling breakfast - all of which takes about five minutes of prep.

Peanut butter and banana oats is probably one of our most popular combinations. It's no-cook and easily adaptable to variations. Add cinnamon for warmth, substitute brown sugar with maple syrup, chia or flax for added nutrition, apples for crunch - you see where we're going with this.

Not one for eating cereal in summer? This tropical version will change your mind. Chopped kiwi is a good addition to the mango, and if you really like the coconutty flavor, use coconut milk as well as shavings and you'll feel like you're on holiday (almost!)

This might take an extra five minutes of prep time but it's well worth it. The decadent taste of desert for breakfast, but don't be fooled. This Carrot Cake combo is stuffed with healthy ingredients, and it's a full serving of veggies in the morning.


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