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Amsterdamming - Part 2

Amsterdamming - Part 2

There's so much to say about this lovely city, here's a continuation from Part 1. We stayed in De Pijp, a newly trendy area. Largely residential with a lot of good restaurants - it has a lively buzz.

Amsterdam is definitely a city of museums - we did 3 in 3 days (and saved the Van Gogh one for next time).

The Rijksmuseum for the Rembrandts and Vermeers.

The interior of Petronella Oortman's dollhouse, and the inspiration for The Miniaturist.

Anne Frank's House where I basically cried throughout. Her cheerful, more optimistic quotes are the most famous. But it's her despairing, maudlin ones that are so raw and full of sensitive observations. It makes one believe she would've been a writer no matter what.

And the one we happened on by accident and couldn't believe our luck - an exhibition showing the largest collection of Banksy's work.

I realize there's some irony to a curated exhibition of street art - but it was done in partnership with his agent, i.e. with Banksy's blessing.

Probably one of my favorite cities yet. There's so much more I could say about it, but these are the highlights and if you haven't been, I hope they inspire you to go.

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