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Amsterdamming - Part 1

Amsterdamming - Part 1

 It often happens that my travels are determined by having read an evocative piece of writing, or seen gorgeous pictures of the place. Amsterdam is such a place for me. A few years ago I read My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Bijkerk and fell in love with idea of Amsterdam. Later, The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton further entranced me with the rich history of this city. Finally, one of my favorite blogs Design Love Fest did a lovely picture series and I was convinced - this would be my next stop.

We spent hours exploring the 9 Streets and marvelling at the architecture.

We stumbled in and out of perfectly designed boutiques and discovered many small Dutch brands, but Sukha was definitely the winner. It's impossible not to buy one of their prettily packaged things, even if it's a bar of soap.

Our favorite walks were in the Jordaans neighborhood. It's utterly charming and if I lived in Amsterdam, this is where you'd find me. Or stuffing my face with apple pie at Winkel's.

Speaking of food, we ate a lot of it. Coffee and Coconuts is a cafe housed in an old movie theatre. Vaulted ceilings, multiple levels, coconuts, fishnets, and fish sculptures give it a decidedly relaxed, tropical vibe.

Pan con Tomate

 Yup, that's granola. I've never seen it look that good either.

The wall of wines at Vyne

The best meal we had was at Rijks, the restaurant at the Rijksmuseum. Beef cheeks above. Deserts below.

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